The fake olive oil story

You may have recently clicked into online articles that claimed to know ‘which olive oil brands are real’, ‘list of fake olive oils’ or ‘click here, as we reveal a list of brands you can trust’.

The articles hang by a single precarious thread – and that thread has been woven through an uncritical blogosphere and social media so many times that it’s become a tapestry of untruth.

The story has been circulating for a while now, usually under the headline «14 Fake Olive Oil Companies Revealed Now». It’s stirred up considerable interest among consumers and it certainly caught our attention, because what the article has to say about Bertolli Olive Oil is absolutely false.

What’s been circulating is fake news. So please allow us to clear things up. This click-bait article was created in Veles, the town in Macedonia famous for fake news.

Please have a look at the three posts below that describes in detail how this story about olive oil is itself fake, how it evolved and how misleading it is and the overall damage it has done to the Olive Oil industry as a whole.

The fake olive oil story
14 fake olive oil bloggers revealed

14 fake olive oil bloggers revealed

The 14 fake olive oil brands click bait article was created by one person. It was then pushed out on Facebook where more fake bloggers picked up the story.

We reveal the top 14 fake olive oil posts and who is behind them here.

We show how any company can be affected by fake news by revealing the tricks used by click-baiters to create stories that go viral regardless of their authenticity.

14 real Bertolli olive oil reviews

We picked out 14 real Bertolli olive oil reviews as well as a list of awards to show the fake olive oil story is what it is – fake.

Bertolli olive oil
Best olive oil guide

Olive Oil Guide – Best Usages, Production Process and more

There are many kinds of olive oil and variants, each one with its own production method.

We have outlined the process on how we produce as well as a best usage guide for our range of olive oils.

Most Googled questions about olive oil

Global Chefs, foodies and influencers from around the world answer your most googled questions when it comes to Olive oil.

14 fake olive oil

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